Neptune ro

Our Neptune Water Purifier (RO) gives you purest sparkling water with latest purification system. Water is essential for our life but when it contaminated, it can cause many diseases. This water purifier offers you the most germ-free water. It is ideal for domestic use due to its highly compact wall mounted or counter top design which fits perfectly anywhere in your home and offices... This kemtech aqua family water purifier is capable of purifying water from different sources such as bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers, and even municipal taps, etc. The is very lightweight RO water purifier occupies very less space on your kitchen shelf or your offices can be mounted on the wall easily. It comes with a blue and white tone which looks very eye-catching and enhances the look of your kitchen and your offices... The storage capacity is 7 Liters. The reverse osmosis (RO) membrane purification reduces fine particles which are dissolved in the water including hard salts, heavy metals, etc. It is further followed by double purification by the Ultra filtration membrane that removes all the harmful microbes and toxic items from the water. Neptune Water Purifier has a filter capacity of 9 liters per hour. It operates at power 25w. The kemtech Neptune RO Water Purifier comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Aqua grand

Aqua Grand six stage water purifiers is one of the latest and revolutionary product from the Kemtech  Aqua family .  The six stage water filtration method makes the product more versatile and  is efficient in providing the most pure water . Aqa Grand water purifier incorporates 5 in line filers and one pre filters . The water   passes through the pre filter in the initial stage followed by five in line filters .  The reverse osmosis technology is used to remove the contaminants in the water by passing it through a reverse osmosis membrane . This product also utilizes ultra filtration as well as ultra violet purification to   get the 100 % purified water . The TDS  ( Total Dissolved Solids)  filtration is one of the counted  technology used in this product . TDS technology helps in removing the dissolved salts and minerals present in the water.
The simple and unique features makes the operation more easier and makes Aqa Grand the most favored water purifier among people.   High quality food grade plastic is used in this product. Aqa Grand have a filtration capacity of 12 liters per hour. It operates at power of 100- 250 v ac at 50 Hz . Kenmtech Aqua offers one year warrant for all our products. We also provides annual  maintenance contract for all products.

Aqua Aster

Aqua Aster is an advanced double purification system which removes the dissolved impurities in the water and maintains the mineral level. The filter is very powerful and its UV filtration helps to remove dissolved solids, bacteria and viruses. It has 12L tank capacity .The activated carbon filter helps to track chemicals and poisonous gas in the water such as chlorine. The purifier is built with unbreakable and food gradable materials thus not harmful to body  . It requires only maximum 30W power consumption. The tank is easily detachable which makes the usage easy. The maintenance of this purifiers is easy since it has Annual Maintenance Contract. In short the purification process and features are very suitable for us and suitable for our modern kitchen due to its stylish royal look of the body.

Total Vessel Filtration System

The Total Vessel Filtration System Solutions that provide us with 100% pure drinking water. To Reduce the Total Dissolved Sores from Raw Water Source, Reverse Osmosis System These products are highly valued for their high-quality standards, reliable performance and excellent capacity for purification, high durability, and longer service life. Our Total Vessel Filtration System removes every bacteria and harmful germs from the water making it safe for drinking with a nice taste. Apart from this, we also offer our products in customized forms to meet the exact needs of customers at an affordable price. The total vessel filtration systems are distinguished as single, double, triple vessels. Kemtech offers different types of vessel filtration based on its process requirements. We provide free water testing facility. If you do the back wash procedure frequently you can use your vessel filtration system for long years. We offer a one-year warranty for this product.